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  2. I really appreciate this video, cus as of late I've been having so much anxiety about losing weight and building muscle. I've been so focused and worried that if I go over a certain calorie count I won't lose weight even if I am eating healthy or that if I cheat even if it's a nibble I won't lose weight. This gives me more confidence as to not worry so much about how many caloires, just to be eating healthier and watch portions and eating somthing like one fun size piece of chocolate isnt bad for me.

  3. Watched this video 8 days ago,
    I decided to do what he says,

    I put a plan of what I went to eat for the next seven days and went to the grocery Store, the food is deferent for sure but I was checking the details for every thing to make sure I’m doing right, and for the gym 3 days a week. And stopped taking protein.

    Before I start the plan was my 110.2 KG Lite

    The first day :
    I woke up and I start dieting,
    For the first day it was hard on me and I found myself walking a refrigerator ever 10 minutes, But I was Hungry all the time and I put two protein bar between the meals .

    Day 2 :
    I woke up and I Feel Hungry And little tired,
    And I start my day and I went to the Gym I work one hour only, warm up 5mins walking 5 mins Jiging, Pull up,Push ups , jumping,Abs, and you need guys to focus on water, and on ur Sleeping time .

    Let’s go Over ,
    Yesterday it was the last day but I didn’t Check my wight, I said I will check on day 8 on Morning , I Woke up today and I was so happy and Excited to see how much wight I lose ,

    In Seven Days I lost 2.1 KG
    I Become 108.1 KG
    I’m So happy and my target now to Reach 92.0 KG

    My Hight is 194cm

    I’m Really Happy to See ur Video
    Thank you So much and please Keep it up.

  4. Great video! I really like this video where you are a bit more serious! 👏👏👏
    I like all your videos, they all have their charm! 💪💪💪
    Keep up the good work!

  5. AMAZING rhythm in the video. Didn’t even feel the 10 minutes. Also, amazing content as always. Btw can I just ask you what software do you use for editing? IT’S SO SMOOOOOTH

  6. Hi man I'm an Italian guy and I'm 16 year old. I can't go gim because my parents say that it's to early for me, so I go swim 3 times x week for 1.30 hour each day. Is it right the same or do I have to change something. Obviously I'm trying to eat also well. Good job bro👍

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