1. Great video!! I started with IF in Jan for 2 weeks and then discovered OMAD and you can MUKBANG. It has changed my life and really got this down to science!! I've gone from 236 pounds to currently 166. My goal wt is 135 and still have a way to go! When fasting you need to do it right.

  2. This exercise really works last year I loses my weight upto 7 kgs with in a month before marriage …… Now again I started …….1 day working……weight 59 kgs …..target 52 kgs …..wish me best of luck……i will surely update my result day by day InshAllah

  3. I don’t mean to sound racist but if I do. Meh, ok. There’s just something very very lame about white people moves. The shimmying, the clapping, and some of the moves kinda made me feel really stupid doing them. I’m going back to my old dance workouts. Was okay though, managed to last a few mins and broke a sweat. Would definitely recommend this to people who don’t have a stick up their asses about moving their bodies a certain way like I do. Cheers.

  4. What a terrible workout. A lot of the moves were a little complicated requiring the participant to get the hang of but once we managed the move, we moved on to another one to learn and so on. Far better to have lots of repetition of simple but challenging moves. I just couldn't work up a sweat with all these many moves. It's easy for a team who are not only super fit but spent much time getting acquainted with the move. Are we supposed to be impressed with all the attractive sexy girls? How about having ordinary people? Won't be coming back-there's hundreds of much better workouts on the net.

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