1. Cutting out carbs and dairy is extremely unhealthy. You will loose weight but it definitely isn't healthy. The best way is to have a balanced diet and do LOADS of exercise but not so much that you will extremely tired. Do NOT cut out dairy or carbs. You can cut down but for a healthy weight and diet never cut them OUT. It's the same with meat – if you cut meat out of your diet you won't have enough iron in your blood and without fish you don't have enough Omega 3.

  2. A friend told me to lookup for the diet plan at 4FatLossFast. Com . It has given wonderful results to people and worked incredibly well for me. I have already decreased 10 lbs in less than the first week.?

  3. These are such unhealthy weight loss tips that will promote unhealthy habits for young girls. I'm definitely dissapointed. These are definitely the kind of tips that can get young girls to calorie counting, under eating and starting bad habits. I looked up to you until now and I am utterly disappointed. I say check your facts before you promote them to hundreds of thousands of young girls. and what works for you most likely will not work for others.

  4. I don't work out in my house because when my mom see me working out she'll be like "uhmmm hunny what ya doing are you working ou?oh well there's no hope hunny" and I'll be like " ;-; "

  5. I used to be 53 lbs overweight and my life was miserable. I was depressed all the time and never had any energy to do anything. Eventually I got motivated to change my lifestyle and I tried every diet and exercise there was… Nothing worked for me. Then a friend told me about the benefits of Safflower. I found that dieters use it because its benefits to prevent fat from building up, control food cravings and increase serotonin to improve overall mood. After using it I am 56 lbs lighter and lost over 18 lbs my first month. If you are struggling to lose weight, you should try Safflower. They even give away a free bottle that can be send to you right now https://my-small.link/uakvA

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