1. I simply had great results with Eat Stop Eat. Thanks to its actual simplicity of use it is really different from every other meal plan I've had a go at before.It is really so much more than a diet or meal plan, it replaced my outlook on foods once and for all.I found it remarkably easy to follow along as it was very handy that I was able to work with it on my personal computer, cellular phone even tablet. The electronic-book structure makes it really easy as well as quick to reference anything. Continue reading right here: https://goo.gl/3aHWa8

  2. How often you eat can have something to do with being over or under weight. When I first went carnivore I dropped all the excess weight in just a few months with an OMAD plan. Since I have hit my goal weight however, I have been needing to go with a 2MAD plan. I just can't seem to stuff in enough meat all in one sitting to keep from losing more weight that I don't need to lose.
    BTW, you are looking really good, kiddo. Skin, eyes, everything looks healthy and vibrant. It's working.

  3. WOW Chris, you are looking so good!!! I can see you healing more and more. Have a happy and healthy new year!
    and cook with lard!!! lard is it for me! oh, or bacon grease.

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