1. Duuuuude!! Great video! First time I'm seeing your video. I'm 51 years old and really haven't had to diet very much in my life as I've been pretty active and have been cooking pretty healthily since I was 17. I'm an omnivore and my wife is vegetarian, which makes for some funny conversations. Our kids are omnivores and I just keep preaching about a healthy diet with small-to-mod amounts. It's great to see how you seem to be along this line as opposed to other whacked stuff out there.
    Thank you for doing your videos. They are inspiring and common sense and real world. Glad to see them.

  2. Nah I want something sustainable menh
    Nothing too fast
    Did that before
    Went from 305 down to 215 in a month and a month later I’m fat again 🤦🏿‍♂️🤦🏿‍♂️🤦🏿‍♂️

  3. Sucks cause I'm not even a competitor BUT I am dairy and gluten intolerant and even tho it's bad for me I gorge on it from time to time eps when it's that time of month..

  4. Questions for Paul. I need a understanding on what to expect for my future progress and what I imagine I'll look like.
    1.) How tall are you?
    2.) How much do you weight?
    3.) How many calories a day do you eat?

  5. It was really hard for me to motivate myself to get going and start moving with my training. something that helped me a lot was when i got myself a training programme so i knew everyday how to practise and just had to follow all the steps. So if anyone is having trouble with get going i recommend you to get yourself a programme. I used a programme which was built up over 21 days every time. That worked perfectly fine for me, here is the link if anyone is interested: @t

  6. Hi Paul, in regards to Michael Phelps and how he eats 10,000-12,000 calories yet trains so hard and so regularly to maintain his physique I was wondering is it possible for the average Joe to out train a high calorie diet like Michael phelps? Thanks hope to hear from you sir✌️👊

  7. Hi Paul! I asked a question about this type of diet, and the reverse diet out of it at the end, on one of your previous videos. You advised that I go ahead with my plan, and i'm pretty happy with the results! I managed to lose 45lbs before I got quite bored of the diet and decided to slowly increase my calories back up. For the first week or so of increasing calories, I kept losing weight until it balanced out. I managed to get my calories back up to maintenance level with minimal weight gain; I put on around 8lbs, though i'm not sure how much of that was fat. My training suffered during the diet, especially after the first few weeks, but my strength has returned since reverse dieting, and the other 37lbs have remained off! 😁

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  9. Paul, Awesome Content! I did a 650-800 calorie deficit last year and ran it for 3 months, but this is the catch. Deficit on rest and cardio days. Surplus before and after weightlifting days, and sometimes on My rest days I fasted for 12-24 hours,followed by no workout the next day, or no workout for 36-48 hours. 4 days of weightlifting and 2 days of cardio. I lost 44 pounds,and now I'am doing a Lean bulk.

  10. Paul, correct me if I'm wrong, but anyway, in theory lose 10kg in 10 days suggests a caloric deficit of approximately 70,000kc, so only by applying common sense can we guess that the 10kg lost are not all fat, assuming that the TDEE is 2000kc, consuming 500 calories a day would represent a deficit of only 15,000 calories during the 10 days, so probably only lost 2,100 grams, the remainder could be assigned to loss of fluid and most likely muscle mass

  11. I have did a diet similar to this and lost 80lbs. However I keep the diet going and just added a few calories and two years later the weight is still down😀 love your videos dude. You spit nothing but the truth

  12. What a surprise! Right after I've claimed to my friends that I was going to lose 10 kg in 10 days I got this video in my Youtube feed!

    Anyway I will do it safely just by simple water fasting. And thanks for reminding me to not screw up after this period.

  13. This kind of videos should be put out there more often. Peoples always try to find shortcut not understanding that it will just show temporary results and ruin their metabolism. Thanks for sharing and hopefully will help many people's understand and see the REALITY of this extreme diets. Have a nice weekend Paul 😊

  14. Paul, what you talk about here is the basis of every fad/fast diet program, for the simple goal of getting repeat customers. Many even trick the people into severe under eating by limiting portion sizes to an unrealistic one size fits all system. I think it's criminal to deceive people like that, but they just love it and suck it up like it's the greatest thing ever. I've got several friends that still swear by weight watchers and none of them are lean or healthy. So sad… and they don't want real help, because they are in love with the idea of "easy and simple… food points, no tracking, etc."

  15. What is your thoughts on very aggressive mini cut. I have vacation trip in 3 weeks. I was thinking is it benficial to cut my calorien very low for short time. I have gained couple of extra kg what i planned to gain, during this winterbulk and lost my abs.. 😀

  16. Paul want to know how long does it take for your metabolism to adapt to the low calorie diets as if you was to do it for 4 weeks then increase Cal's back/close to maintenance before the diet can you maintain the fatloss? As I've heard it's takes up to 4 weeks for your metabolism to adapt?

  17. Hey! That’s really good video and well done ! I searched this topic for 2 years and I had a fitness center in Holland. And than, My company’s doctor advice a red tea detox to my customer for losing weight! There is a video about red tea detox in my channel ! Let’s go and watch it 🙂 I don’t wanna subscribe me I just try to help people 🙂

  18. Even a 10 day fast won’t work lol. You’ll lose a lot of water weight yea, and some fat, but not 10 lbs of fat. Once you eat again, water weight comes right back up. It is possible tho, to do constant fasts, 48 hour fasts twice a week. You’ll probably lose 10 lbs in 2-3 weeks

  19. Im afraid even if you water fasting for 10 days you dont loose 10kg 😂… I was for week on spinach only and water. I call it Popeye diet. Didn't loose even 5kg. You explained jo-jo effect and whole process perfectly 👍👍👍

  20. I feel like you have already addressed this topic before with the HCG craze, etc., as you've mentioned before.🤔 People following you should do as I have done and watch your vids pertaining to this (and other) topics, whatever interests them or sparks questions about health, fitness, and dieting!! May save them from having to ask the question in the 1st place🙄 thanks for addressing the crazy(and unhealthy) diet fads over and over and over… again. You have more patience than I would😉

  21. At what point would you potentially go into organ failure if you did a diet like that? I'd imagine it could get bad pretty fast, but just wondering because I've never looked into it before, but I do know that happens with anorexia.

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