1. I'm sending this to every single one of my co-workers! As a personal trainer and online coach, I get these questions so frequently and I have to get on my soapbox to explain that this is a much larger picture than simple fat loss. You're expertly breaking down the science and really focusing on the mental aspect too. It is so critical for people to hear this message. This is incredible and please keep making videos like this!

  2. If you do reverse preacher curls…and let your arms hang strait to the floor, ive heard those called "spider curls". I love it because it's such a good stretch if your sore and you get a big, range of motion.

  3. Thank you Jordan. The beginning of video has an x through cardio but I didnt see you talk much about the excercise portion of this protocol. What kind and how much excercise do you recommend?

  4. I love your videos and what you do so so much. I've been struggling with BED and as soon as I saw you posting a video about rapid loss I was ready to try it. But then I saw all the intro part (and rewatched it and rewatched it once again) and in my heart I felt you are right. I wouldn't be able to do it without going back to binging and purging after a week. So I stopped the video when you said to. And now i feel so much better for understanding what my body needs and the right way to go through this journey for me.
    Thank you ❤

  5. Hi Jordan, I am a new subscriber, and I absolutely love your content (both here and on Instagram). I love, love, love the Harry Potter series and it's literally best of both worlds for me when I watch your videos. It'll be great if you could do a video for people who are towards the end of their weight loss journey. As in, how to decide on goal weight, how to transition to maintenance,etc. I have lost 130lbs over the last year and a half and am hovering around 24-25bmi. I have a little bit of "diet fatigue" and am unable to sustain lower calories (not to mention, I have become wayy more active). Anyway, appreciate your content and keep up the awesome work!!

  6. Have you a previous video link talking about dr jason fung. His book reads very different in the area of caloric restriction. Love your thoughts and enjoying your videos a lot.

  7. Love that you’re educating us on something that isn’t particularly popular with the fitness community. People are going to do it anyways. Might as well educate them! Thank you!

  8. Good content dude. You know what you’re talking about, you’re spot on with your muscle actions. Good to see a fitness channel where you actually study what you preach out. Keep it up 👌

  9. OK Jordan, I'm trying to make hard changes in my life so that I can actually change….. so based on your suggestion, due to my history of bingeing and food anxiety….I am not going to do the rapid fat loss! I have only had one moderate binge episode since 1/27 and I DO NOT want to risk triggering myself for a self-sabotage episode. And, shocker of all shockers…yay me….I've stopped the video, per your advice, and am not going to watch the rest of it. I am learning to trust what the experts are telling me to do and not rely on my own jacked up wisdom!! Steady and slow wins the race!

  10. I love this! Thank you Jordan for explaining everything in clear detail. Also for explaining the pros and cons and how you’d suggest going about it with the starting low and increasing for 3 weeks and then cycling.

  11. Hey Jordan!! LOVED THIS! ABSOLUTELY CAN'T EXPLAIN IN SIMPLE WORDS THE WAY THIS HAS AFFECTED ME!! SO MUCH LOVE FOR YOU BUD! Could you please also share your history with binge eating journey? How did you come out of it?

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