1. Ive been doing this diet so much. And whenever i want to do it again. It is so hard because if im not eat, i will become bored. If i want to watch a movie or playing games, i like to eat snacks like popcorn! I think it is not hard for physical, but its hard for mental. Nice video tho!

  2. Try just water next time! You can do it! The headache is a healing crisis. You stop the healing process with the animal protein and even the coffee and vinegar are just crutches to alleviate the pain but the pain is worth it and it's dangerous your way. I mean good for you for what you did. But I want to see you go balls to the walls and reset your immune system in 3 days and you lose more weight if you rest during the 3 days. Chill out in bed and sleep through it. I love your video though. I healed my ashtma with fasting too!

  3. I just started my 3 days water fast i will drink only plain water my weight is 90 kilograms aka 198 pounds my fast started Wednesday 7PM and will end saturday 7PM wish me luck i"ll be back in 3 days with the results

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