1. I’m in 7th grade ima be honest I can’t run that fast but I can beat at least 73% of the people in my class I think I’m good enough to run track is this a good thing because I really want to and if I get booted ima hate it so should I join or not

  2. Im a Freshman in Highschool and plan to start track in the spring. I used to be the fastest kid in elementary school – 6th grade but a lot of kids are faster than me now. I haven’t been doing any sports besides basketball and I feel out of shape. All my friends are on the track team and want me to join. I have no clue what event I will do and know NOTHING about the sport. I still have the speed in me but I’m out of shape. Considering I’m in 9th grade and our District has offered track since 6th grade, do you think it is too late to join the team? Thank you in advance

  3. Hi I have been running for almost my whole life I am fast but they say that doesn't matter they say that 70% of achieving track is using your mind & 30% is physical is that true and I am running next year for school where should I start to learning training and being successful for track ?

  4. hey just wanna ask something, I have big legs with muscle and a little fat on them, but over all how did I get my legs more slim or even skinny, I really need help on this???

  5. hey im in middle school and i never ran track before and tryouts are on jan 27 and i sighned up for long distance do you have any tips for long distance and runners that have never ran before i run every day doing suicides i can run 50 yards in 13 seconds and i want to know some tips on long distance running please help thanks

  6. I love your videos so much. I'm a 12 year old girl who loves to run. I want to get prepared for track tryouts because they only take 5 people per event. Can you give me tips to be prepared and help with hard tryouts.

  7. hi i was doing long distance run like 3 km and becom slim too much so i stop it from 3 month now i thinkk i will be a sprinterso what should i eat to not loose my shape and helth and thank youby the way u r vedios are awsom also ur tips

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