1. I've never seen sumo deadlifts. I'll keep those in mind…if I'm just starting with weights for gains, how much weight do I need to start out with in the bar?

  2. Hello Hanna👋🏽 I love you very much and you are so helpful❤️ I have a question, do you work out the same muscles every day or do you alternate like skip a day in between working out the same muscles? For example do you work out your legs and butt one day and then move to arms and abs the next day and alternate each day to give the muscles time to rest? Or should I work on the same muscles every day to get them to grow?

  3. hey sweetheart.. is this workout suitable for guys too? I mean just cause you're a guy doesn't mean it's gay to workout the glutes LoL.. specially if you want an overall strong body, targeting all muscle groups in its entirety for an even distribution of muscle growth throughout your body would help rather than hurt.. but no way am I talking anywhere near as big as yours.. your booty size is an overkill! for guys I mean haha.. but it looks amazing on you 😍🍑

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