1. It’s quite sad seeing how many comments there are about the Asian girl… the video is here to teach you to twerk (it says learners in the little) and the ONLY fact is she’s trying to learn and doing her best! Practice makes perfect why is everyone acting like they’re amazing first time trying things🤦🏼‍♀️, all I can say is YOU GO GIRLL!!! Guaranteed she’s mastered it by now! 😍

  2. It's not that serious people she simply doesn't have rhythm. All she has to do is practice dancing and she will eventually get some rhythm. I started off not having rhythm and now anytime I go out I out dance everyone ;).

  3. I bet y’all be hating on the Asian/white girl but don’t even try to twerk, or do even worst. So y’all haters gotta stfu and when you’re absolute perfection at twerking come back😴

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