1. The mask in Photoshop is sorta like the inverted lasso tool in ibisPaint, but the difference is you draw the border of the inverted lasso, making it harder than making a few scribbles for the mask in Photoshop

  2. Love your vids. You have taught me a lot. To me at first you were fast moving and talking, but now I love the pace. I've been watching you for almost a year. One of the best! Great job. Great vids. Don't change a thing. To those watching, just watch his tuts. Practice on what he taught. Get familiar with Photoshop and basics first. Come back to his tuts and it'll make perfect sense. This guy is one of the best on Youtube. If you have questions about basics..he does cover them as well in other vids. 👊👏

  3. I love how many people are going on about you needing to slow down like smh y'all can literally change the speed of the video if you don't like it. I was watching at 1.5x speed 'cause I have no attention span lol

  4. Great tutorial, was really helpful for me because I've been doing it the hard way. But I don't know why you inserted any political commentary into this. Total unnecessary lmao

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