1. What if i wanna build my lean muscle and lose weight (im skinny but i have some fat on the belly for example) and i wanna cut it … i dont know how much i should eat …..

  2. Fake and false. Seperated means depleted from vitamines and minerals and these vitamines and minerals are a buffer against insuline. Basicly this will spike insuline and makes gain fat. Same with table salt and sugar. Al total bs.

  3. Your advice is garbage and you have no idea what you're talking about. Cuts out 95% of lactose?! Where tf did you find that crappy piece of information?! I'm lactose intolerant and when I took the whey protein I was in constant pain, whey isolate is the lactose free powder and you should not be telling people with lactose intolerant to have whey. So yes, the different types of protein powders do matter. The average person just needs about 50g of protein per day, you only need more if you're strength training. If people start having three protein shakes a day, it won't get used and they'll just fart it out. Also, that's around 300 to 400 extra calories that won't get used and will just hurt your stomach (if you're not training of course). So if someone who is just doing 20 minutes of cardio a week, you don't need whey for that. You can easily get 50g of protein in your diet. All you need to do to lose weight is exercise 4 times a week and eat less food.

  4. I'm so confused you say that it will make you lose weight and mostly fat but Thomas DeLauer (another big health Youtuber) says it will not help you lose fat due to spiking the amino acid leucine making insulin which is found in carbs. Studies found that whey protein spikes insulin higher than white bread. He also does an immense amount of research on what he says. please help me out !

  5. Can you say what is the correct brand name of whey protein powder for weight loss ?…..
    Still I'm going to gym + take 1pill of fat burner + on creatine….
    I want a good and correct whey protein powder for weight loss….
    Help me out brother

  6. I weigh 77kg and I am looking to lose weight and also gain muscle (But mostly lose weight). I have no idea which type of protein shake I should get or how much I should consume. Could anyone help?

  7. I am on a High Protein and
    low calorie diet. I am in a wheelchair with out a motor. So I get around with any help. I am just wanting to Burn fat. I am needing to lose 50+ pounds. I am only 4'11". Yeah I am tiny. Weight gain does a number on my small frame. So yeah I got a ways to go.🥴 Oh and I got allergies to Banana, Avocado, some tree nuts and dairy. Help on Food Ideas?

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