1. Is there a Human Resources office that you can go to for the paperwork you need for Sully? They would probably be quicker than going to his boss. Good luck with your job.

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    Life can involve so many emotions. Especially when were going through stuff that is exhausting, frustrating, depressing, mind boggling and flat out 💩tty. But God is Always 💯 percent with us. He tells us he will never leave us. At the time it's all happening, Yes indeed it seems like a eternal struggle that will never straighten out. We went through this with My Husband's Disability challenges. And I struggled many days with how am I going to hold this all together. Yes, it was hard. Yes, it put my health in a declining phase. I didn't give myself permission to grieve. Lainey give yourself permission to grieve. Give yourself permission to be angry. Don't be the Pressure Cooker I became. I missed out on being happy and glad to be alive during the whole process of trying to be Super Wife during the process of helping my disabled husband. I definitely became overwhelmed and eventually numb. Thanks be to God I was able to climb out of the Big Hole I put myself in and breathe again and be a real person again. And to be Happy again. God Bless You and Sully. Love you both. May Peace Be With You Both. Love Tamson ♥️ 🙋😇

  3. Lainey you look so pretty… love the shirt❣️Growing up ,the beans and hot dogs was our Saturday night supper cooked by my Dad….
    So hoping things get better for you…..I so admire your strength but so understand that letting go is also something you need to do….
    Keeping you in my thoughts and prayers 🙏🏻❤️

  4. OMG…brown bread! I haven’t even thought of it since we moved from New England… now I want some (Thanks a lot, Sully!). I don’t think they even sell it here. Probably a good thing 🙂 I’m so sorry you’re under such stress. Try and put today behind you and start fresh mentally. You need to take care of you. Lordy, why don’t I live closer!! Please take care of you. Big hug.

  5. That was a day, Lainey. I've been there, when everything seems so out of my control. I think at the DMH and DTL, you experienced a moment of mourning. There are moments of mourning with any loss. The loss of a lifestyle is a loss, and takes some getting use to. Just getting up, getting dressed and going outside of the home to work is a major lifestyle change. Plus, dealing with social services can be an ordeal in and of itself. So don't be embarrassed about moments of mourning. The struggle is real.

  6. I hate waiting and it’s so hard when you’re doing everything right and you have limited control. People need to get their crap together don’t they? I hope things turn around soon for you. ❤️

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