1. Awesome job! Just wanted to say that not all the Wright you gain is muscle. Especially since you’re not a beginner, it takes about a month to out on at most 2lbs of lean muscle. So saying you put on 9lbs of muscle in 5 weeks is near impossible. Either way you look really good and put in the hard work so awesome job and keep it up!

  2. This didn't happen in 10 months. Impossible, you're a liar. I don't care how hard you work out. Anybody that knows ANYTHING at all about fitness knows two and a half months to achieve this is simply undo-able.

  3. lol people need to realize that most Hollywood actors are put on roids/whatever they need to get a certain look. they make millions of dollars, and there's no drug test they can fail like there is for athletes. of course they won't admit it, but considering how normal it is among normal fitness people, rich actors will for sure use them to boost their gains.

  4. Anyone else find it beyond lame/irritating when people put before & after shots up like in this guy's thumbnail and they're slouching on purpose + pushing their gut out in the before picture?

  5. Slightly easier when u have a personal trainer, personal diet plan and chef, your being paid for it and any gains will be recorded on film forever…

  6. Me and a few of my film maker friends have decided to make a superhero short film, and they want a scene showing the hero’s body being unfit then ripped…they chose me to star, fuck my life

  7. Why are you not jusing the same light? Sure the light makes you look better, but this video seems not like a flex so could you please use the same light if you do something like this again?

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