1. yeah, so actually, squats don't exactly focus on your glutes much, they actually focus on the thighs, and if u had noticed, it's actually her thighs that have improved and tightened, and the fact that she has lost 0.5 inches is because her thighs have become smaller and thiner than before, not because of her butt, infact, her butt is at the same size like before, it doesn't even change.

  2. Her butt got smaller because she didnt give her muscles time to relax and take effect of the exercise. Ideally this exercise should be done like 2x a week, maybe 2x a day ( 50x in the morning and 50x at night)

  3. I just did 100 and I feel like I'm dying. My legs are trembling and I decided to walk down the stairs… I had fallen, it wasn't fun…. but anyways my legs definitely feel the pain. I honestly felt like giving up but I didn't and I hope its worth it.

  4. I notice alot of ppl saying it shrinks n sadlly for those without natural big butts wen u start working out yr butt it does shrink bc it loses access fat n gains muscle but eventually after it gets smaller it gets bigger toner rounder it look like a peach u just gotta build the muscle and building glute muscles evenly will help get that peachy shape and larger looking bubble butt everyone wants lots of work I've been doing it for a year n i may not have huge giant but like everyone expects but I do have a nice bubble shape from the hip bridges and lunges best glut exercises the hip bridges kicks squats out the universe for 6 months I did squats 3 times a week bc u dont want to over do it or you'll never grow you'll just hurt yr muscles giving yr self a break every 3 days is what'll gain the muscle you build with yr work out the squats never helped so I started hip bridges n immediately noticed the different

  5. I've seen 100 squat challenges and thought " 3000? That's not enough for me!!!" So my extra self desided that I should start with 100 squats the first day and adding 100 every day until I got to 500. After that I did 500 squats every day for a year and got HUGE results. If you want to do the same, start in the fall so in the summer you have that great summer bod.
    (Edit) it is also very crucial that you stretch before and after squatting.

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