1. Psssh. Celery juice will just make you brand new over and over again. My grandma was a beer drinker never touched celery ate out of a can and lived to be 90 years old.

  2. Great video thanks for going through it. I agree, way too much work to go through for one vegetable. I found a product that 1 Serving provides 2 Pounds of Vegetables. No juicing, no grocery shopping and no waste. Helps me make sure I get more than my 5 a day, easy and tastes great. Let me know if you want to try it.

  3. hi I've been wanting to try that juice for a long time but I don't like salary I just wanted to give you a little quick tip use a straw so much better to drink it faster without the nasty taste

  4. Please dear sister, when you say n your videos that you'll leave a link below, I don't get to see them. Please list the ingredients I need to make the following that you mentioned viento, biofero, chelation, linferlin/linfillin and bromide powder. This is to ebale me make them by myself as I can't afford the expensive ones. Please also tell me where to buy them on amazon. thank you o much.

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