1. I'm doing a water fast I'm 12 almost 13 about 115 or 120 I'm a girl and I need to lose weight and I don't know how and I can't stand not to eat for a hour and my metabolism is slow so I want to just eat spicy food but I'm going to try this but can someone tell me if I could lose weight in my arms and legs doing this *Edited I need advice for were you lose weight

  2. I think its harder because we constantly are thinking about how we are on the fast and thats all we think about including food making us more hungry but thats what i think.

  3. Omg I loved your journey~ For me I’m trying to gain self discipline and I’m trying to go for long term. I basically yo-yo dieted but it was more so a mental health challenge and that just took a toll on my body. I just don’t want to take on health issues and I’m striving for vanity (lol sounds bad) to better my mental health. I’m definitely at a good place with body positivity now hehe Let’s go water fasting~

  4. I started Saturday July 6, ,2019..I have been drinking water like I am CRAZY😂. Today is Sunday July 7, still going strong. I started off at 178.8 lbs. and I just weigh in just to see how things are going, WOW !!!! I WAS 175.2 lbs.. YASSSSS!!! 3.6 lbs gone!🙌🏽🙌🏽🙌🏽🙌🏽🙌🏽 Can't wait until Tuesday morning to see what the finally results will be..last time I was on the 3 day water fast I lost 14.2lbs..and kept it off..but, I am just making it back from vacation, and just over are junk food..SMH…But , I hitting it hard this time, will be doing the military diet Thursday July 11..Wish me good LUCK.❤️🤗🙌🏽

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