1. Di. May be you got n didn't feature here but u missed Sports bra, which r really essential if you hit the gym. No matter what size or what age you're! U must wear sports bra even for simple jogging. Nice haul. Loved the concept of men's section while shopping! Gonna do it ! 😂😂

  2. Sports bra is something which create a lot of trouble😐 otherwise joggers and tshirt are like everywhere. Even I am one of those who find men tshirt more comfortable 😜😜

  3. Hi Niranjana ,
    I'm not quite happy for you this time for d quality and the price of d products, I love you for all the videos you share and make us aware of all the best products and of course what not to buy.. Now it's my turn to pay you dear. For shoes and clothing I advise LIFESTYLE, MAX, AJIO, but I'll tell you ajio is the best if you can apply the offers and coupons wisely. I bought three pairs of performax shoes for my kid, hubby and me 1500/- worth for 600/-….60 percent off. Sometimes it's even 70 percent. That's a friendly advice hope you will get d best, enjoy shopping 👍 bye

  4. I always steal my hubby's tracks and t shirts 😅 And I also shop for track's from men's section. Recently I bought couple of men's T-shirts from dmart just for 99/- As you said, I agree they are cost effective 😃

  5. Hiii…nice t shirts, joggers are also super….if I get such clothes even I will start working out …though my weight is 35kgs…my height is 5ft, I can't try men's section…😭😭😭…sometimes ladies section clothes are large for me…my shoe size is also 4…so to get stuff is pretty difficult…love u dear

  6. Sis really ur choice is so good ,I dnt need Jim right now but I really like tshirt n ordering it right away😁 n I dnt know how I just saw ur video n get refreshed💓

  7. Love love love ur shoes…many times I tried clothes of my brother and husband…but never thought of buying them all exclusive for myself…god luck for gymming…

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