1. I’m only 9 And my dad is obsessed with working out! So he said get on the exercise bike and watch this vid while I’m doing it This vid changed my life! Now my dad is proud of me! THANK YOU SO MUCH!!!

  2. love this for beginning been doing it for a few days now it's great. soon I'll be ready to step it up a notch. Do you have an intermediate workout that can be watched? thanks.

  3. Hello I am 62 years old and have COPD and this beginners workout is perfect and it’s making everything around my problem much stronger So I want to thank you so much have a healthy and happy life carol goode🌷

  4. My doctor has suggested this workout for me since I have a knee issue right now. I am going to purchase one. I just have a treadmill and weights. Thanks for sharing. This video was very helpful.

  5. Не так давно встал вопрос о покупке спин-байка. Позвонил в зону спорта, ребята быстро подобрали самый лучший вариант!!!

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