1. Just wanted you to know that I work out everyday using your videos…this has improved my life so much. Everyday I do the total body, arm videos, stomach video and now I am practicing the Chinese Squat. Thanks again keep posting you are a delight….Cheryl

  2. There is no way I could do those! I think I will stick to the chair exercises for now until I lose a lot more weight. You are so cute when you do these exercises. Your energy is amazing.

  3. Awesome workout. I had liver transplant last year and soon in August this year I will have my anniversary. I found your channel. This will help me to build up. I have been in the hospital so many times I cant count on my fingers. I told my doctors about you, they said go for it. Now I have to be strong for my kidney transplant. After work out I fill strong. Thank You!

  4. Hi Schellea (sorry if I spelled that wrong). I am really enjoying your exercise videos. Thank you so much for doing them. I am not 50 — I am 50 + 20! I can do these exercises easily, and I enjoy the routine. Thank you again! I need to try the arm one next. I have some weights SOMEWHERE in this house.

  5. This is way better than situps. Situps dont make your stomach flat. Situps are for people who are flat and want definition. You really dont need definition. You want flatter abs not definition. I'm in great shape but I am going to do this to keep my stomach flat. You can do this while watching the news or cooking dinner or watching YouTube! Just keep those abs as tight as you can the entire time.

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