1. I'm going to try doing this every day for 30 days! Ok here goes…
    Day 1 = done! couldn't do the double leg lifts or hollow rock at all, and struggled with earthquake!
    Day 2 = done! tried double leg lifts and hollow rock but still struggled, managed to do one whole earthquake but didn't recline back very far.
    Day 3 =

  2. Oh my gosh! Such a lovely trainer. Will try them and comment after 1 week. ❤
    I wish to have such a lovely trainer in real life. More love to you Cassey. ❤

  3. Whenever I do ab exercises like bicycles or other moves where you back has to be pushed into the ground I can never push my back down and there is always a gap so I can feel my lower back working more than my abs. Any tips? x

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