1. So idk if I’m doing this right but when I do low-V scissors and I go really low it doesn’t hurt…🤷‍♀️😂

    I keep saying that I reallyyyyy want to workout but I can’t cause like my parents come to my room to see what I’m doing and it’s awkward 😂 and I don’t want them to know I’m working out 😓and summer is almost over I only have like three weeks and I really want to workout

  2. day 1: it was actually burning. i’m very strong for my age and when i say my abs don’t burn ever with workouts. until today, i lied. this burned. but i have a very good feeling. TIP:DONT STOP YOU CAN DO IT (i’ll be doing this until day 8

  3. I’ ve been doing this work out 4 days in a row but now when I finish I don’t feel sore… it’s that normal or did I do something wrong this time?

    Sorry if I wrote something wrong English is not my first language 🙂

  4. Okay, so i started this now (15.07.2019) and i'm gonna do this for 2 weeks, along with "abs and flat belly workout"(gabby's video) . I'm gonna post uptades☺ (and find me in comments at "abs and flat belly workout", because there are gonna be some uptades too
    Day 1: wasn't so hard, i had to stop a few times but it wasn't bad.
    Day 2: i did it with only one break! Wasn't hard at all!
    Day 3: i didn't have to take any breaks, i can say it is muuuch easir than in the day 1
    Day 4: had to take one break between "spider man crunch" and the "plank" because my arms hurt😂
    Day 5:
    Day 6:
    Day 7:

  5. Okay i will try to do this for a 2 weeks
    Day 1: okay i can't move that was hard i hope tmrr will be better
    Day 2: so hard
    Day 3: done
    Day 4: break
    Day 5: done

  6. Hey!!! So I’m gonna be doing this for a week and will keep and update:)

    Day 1: it was pretty hard, especially the one arm twist thingys but I already do feel my stomach tightening up 🙂

    Day 2: it was still pretty challenging, my stomach is defiantly more sore and I’ve been trying to eat a lil healthier w this so yea!!😁I am also seeing a line down my stomach which is good:)

    Day 3: it was actually a little bit easir and my stomach is getting a lil more toned, it was VERY sore 😂 I am also trying to do the 200 crunches but usually just end up doing 100. PEOPLE EATING A LIL HEALTHIER WILL HELP THIS ALOT:)

    Day 4: it was much easir but I still felt the burn. My stomach is DEFINITELY flatter, and feels again more toned. I am also doing the 200 crunches but it’s hard when ur sore😂

  7. so im going to be updating for 20 days and let yall know my results!

    Day1- It wasnt that hard, i made it all the way through and i did this workout 2 times! ill keep yall updated.
    Day2- i forgot to update yesterday, but it got easier, obvi no change yet.
    Day 3- much easier much i still feel it in my stomach. I tried on a high waisted skirt that used to fit me really tight but now i can breath in it so i guess i lost some on my stomach. i will keep updating!

  8. Hey💕
    I'm gonna do this workout everyday and update how my body changes. I'm not gonna follow any diet, only eat less junkfood and drink at least 2 litre water a day.

    🌱Day 1
    It was easy. I drank my water but I ate way more junkfood than I wanted to. I'm gonna do my 200 crunches before I sleep.

    🌱Day 2
    I couldn't follow my diet rule but I didn't eat that much like I did yesterday. The workout was easier and I feel a little bit flatter. The crunches were harder than yesterday 🙁

  9. having a headache and doing this workout was hell but I'm glad I got through it (although barely). Let's just hope that tommorow my headache goes away and I can actually do these correctly

  10. Hip thrusters 70 seconds
    Lower V scissors 50 seconds
    Crunch roll 60 seconds
    Windmills 50 seconds
    Spider-Man crunches 50 seconds
    Side plank reach 40 seconds each side
    Oblique crunches 45 seconds each side
    Full sit up 50 seconds

  11. Hey guys I’m gonna update you guys for a week ok

    Day 1:The workout was hard,but i made it through,and i have no abs because it’s only day 1 so yeah

    Day 2:i see a little difference in my stomach it is a little smaller and it was easier I didnt have to break as much (I mean I didn’t have to break 3 times)

  12. Does this give you a flat stomach in one week if so how many times should I do it a day I’ve got sports day coming up next week so yeh need dis 🤦‍♀️😂 so plz let me know as soon as

  13. Ultimate butt and ab workout 💪 hope you like it ❤️
    (30 sec each ) repeat twice
    1: crunch / alternative crunch / bycicle crunch / cross crunch / wind wipers / plank .
    2: Russian twists / side crunch (right) / side crunch (left) ) / mountain climbers .
    3: standing cross crunch / front kicks / high knees / squats.
    4: back hip lifts / peeing dog / pulse squats.
    5: bridge / bridge with leg lift (right) / bridge with leg lift (left) / crunch
    6: plank knee tucks / scorpion plank / dip plank .

  14. Ok I’m going to document my process so it gives me motivation 🙂

    Day 1:
    I did it. Some parts I finished like 1 thing before her but I did them all and now I’m super tired. I don’t have really any abs line or anything obviously because it’s the first day. I will probably do some crunches before I go to sleep so we’ll see how tomorrow goes.

    Day 2:
    Much more harder today so I had to take a water break but I managed to complete them all to her timing.

    Day 3:
    Wasn’t going to do them today because I felt tired but I pushed through and even though I didn’t do them as best as I could I still did them

    Day 4:
    I’m actually pretty proud I have done it 4 days in a row usually I last like two days. Nothing’s showing up yet but that’s ok. I find the spider men crunches and the reaches on the side still really hard but the rest is becoming easier

    Day 5:
    Managed to do all of them fully!! No results at all yet so I’m kinda getting discouraged but I think the reason why is because I keep eating unhealthy snacks so I’m going to Tory to limit myself from those bad snacks and see what happens. Also I’m going to try and do more crunches because I haven’t done any really yet

    Day 6:
    Missed I procrastinated until night but then I was too busy at night 🙁

    I was with my friend but I still missed it so 🙁

    Day 8:
    Tried to do some but had cramps so it hurt way too much

    Day 9:
    Did most but was definitely more tired so had to skip some exercises. Guys I’m really sad I probably won’t get abs because I’m too much of a procrastinator and I eat too unhealthy things. I go on holiday in a week so I def won’t be Able to wear a swimsuit 🙁

  15. gonna do this everyday for a week and 200 crunches at night 🙂
    day 1: this was pretty challenging, i like it
    day 2: i love this workout. i can truly feel it:) no change yet
    day 3: i kinda see change. kinda getting easier kinda not:) i still like it a lot
    day 4: i love this workout. i think im starting to see results; a little better than day 3
    day 5: still feeling the burn and i think my stomach is much flatter than before
    day 6: it hurts. flat tummy
    day 7:

  16. I'm starting right now so here I go:
    Day one: it did hurt, not gonna lie. I did it all but left out two exercises because I couldn't physically do them, but I'm going to try my best to do them tomorrow
    Day two: I did a mountain walk before doing this, so I was considering not doing it. I'm glad I did do it. I can't see a difference yet but I can feel my core tightening and my leggings feel slightly more loose

  17. ✈️ (i deleted my other one by accident) im trying to get the perfect summer body.
    starting weight: 57kg

    ✈️ day 1: don’t see much of a difference. burned like hell tho

    ✈️ day 2: see a slight change and exercise got a little easier. its still pretty hard tho

    ✈️ day 3: i couldn’t do the spiderman crunches, the side plank thing or the oblique crunches today since i hurt the side of my hip today. but i do see a difference in my tummy.

    ✈️ day 4: i see a big difference now but i skipped the Spider-Man crunches, side plank reaches and the oblique crunches since my hip still hurts. im probably gonna do this for like 2 weeks

    ✈️ day 5: wow! i acc look ALOT skinnier! i did all of it with no breaks. imma do this until summer holidays start (2 more weeks) so then i will probs have abs🤷🏼‍♀️

    ✈️ day 6: again i see a bit of a difference. i did it all non-stop today.

    ✈️ day 7:

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