1. My left arm is the only one of my arms that felt the burn. My right arm is very stong but my left is a noodle! I want them to both be strong but I also wanna get rid of this darn extra skin on my arms. Is there anyway you can teach us how to tighten extra skin around your chest area?

  2. 2nd time doing this workout.Was much easier than last time but still very,very challenging.Keep up the work guys and don’t forget “no pain, no gain.”

  3. this was really fun despite being so hard (from minute one!). also wanted to add a huge thank you for your videos, first at home workouts i've been able to stick to, just perfect <3

  4. «Intense» It isn’t at all for me. This is more stamina workout than strengt workout really. You build very little muscle of doing this. But of course you get better conditioning because of no rest periods

  5. Those wings at the beginning and end were killer and just what I needed. I noticed instant improvements with my posture as someone with rounded shoulders. Thank you and keep up the good work!

  6. What part of the arms does this help if anyone knows? I’m really insecure about like my shoulders and upper arms and underarm fat so would this target any of those?

  7. I have very muscular arms and i've done many many MANY arm workouts to try to slim my arms down a bit but they just wouldn't work and then I came across this video and started doing this workout and my arm bulkiness has definitely slimmed down a bit. I do this workout everyday and have been doing it for about a week now. I also started eating a bit healthier so i'm sure that helped 🙂

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