1. I had diligently followed Vicky's diet plans.. be it egg diet military diet Indian veg diet 2 kgs in 1 day pumpkin soup diet or Intermittent fasting.. since 23 Dec 2017 till date I had lost 27 kgs of weight.. my journey started from 114kgs to 88 kgs today while I am writing this. YES PEOPLE ALL HER PLANS WORKS AND I AM OBLIGED. She is the best dietician/nutritionist .

    I shall be following now her Ramadan diet plan as Ramadan is going to start in 2 weeks.

    May Allah(SWT ) bless her with wisdom and knowledge.

    I thank her for changing my life and lives of Millions.

    Keep up the good work lady.🤗

  2. hii.. vicky i want to ask that i am on if n my eating window is from 1 to 9 so at 1 p.m. i am taking two boiled eggs n one bowl daal n at night 9 p. m. i am tqking 2 rotis,one bowl vegetable n salad n in between i am taking green tea n black coffe is it correct meal to loose weight plzz rply

  3. I have lost 13kg in 2 months following your diet plans like liquid diet, intermittent fasting and 900 calories diet plan. So happy with results. It is hard to lose weight but when you see results you get more motivated. Still following healthy diets. Thanks xx

  4. Hi Vicky.. Suppose i choose 1-9 window..but while following some days it goes from 2-10 or 1.30-9 or 2-11 …meaning little above and below the window .. leading to change in overall fasting hours of the day like 15.5,14,16 etc, will that make any difference?

  5. Can i add half spoon of cinnamon and pepper to apple cider vinegar with lemon juice during the fasting period..
    Can I drink one glass of ash gourd juice during the fasting period..

  6. Hi vicky!!! Thanks for the wonderful explanation…can u pls say when shud I take eltroxin ?? Jus before spirulina shake?? Or as usual in the morning?? Pls reply

  7. Hello the dear godess of nutrition. Ur plans have helped me a lot. U said it shouldn't be followed by women who are trying to convince,my doctor has advised me loose weight I am 70 now 29years old, plz reply that which plan is best suited for me.

  8. Thankyou sooo much. We already knew its benefits, as our prophet Mohammed p.b.u.h fasts on mondays and thursday of each week and advised His followers to do so to ripe the benefits of a healthy life. Now people named it keto diet. I'm glad that you have shared the concealed knowledge and let todays world known too.

  9. Thanks and I tried use it I skipped my breakfast because don't have time now I start my day from 12 or 1 P.M and try to and it by 8 if any other thing I have to do between this to lose weight please let me know thank you waiting for your positive response Ishika

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