1. Just sending a hug to u ( watching heartbroken ) You are so strong & keep us motivated, NOW it’s our turn ! Remember u will always have haters , cuz people are jealous , because they can’t do all u do … SO oooo u NO ur doing it right when u have haters ur doing it RIGHT 💯‼️ My dad told me when I was a child , u take that as a compliment! They want the attention ON THEM ! But wait … who’s channel is this ??!?! 💥 bam who is ur daddy ?! Lol 😂 Sending u lots of ❤️

  2. Jordan I think you are a wonderful person and an awesome mom. Life can get us down sometimes. Just know this time will pass. Stay strong and close to God. Also, tell Christian I showed my Grandson who is turning 4 on Monday, his new hair cut and he loved it. Now he is getting the same cut. I will do a before and after and send it to your email if there is one above. Be sure to show Christian. Hang in there beautiful lady. I'm a mother and Grandmother so I have seen alot.

  3. Hi Jordan, I saw your Heartbreak video just wanted to say much love to you your a Beautiful Woman any guy would be the luckiest man alive to have you, I don't know what your going through but I've been there close to the same situation she was in the military and we had issues similar to you but my story got worse she broke my heart and took everything from me I'll never understand I gave her everything and got so many comments from her family and friends how great of a guy and person I was. then six months after we were over I was in a bad car accident nine months a physical therapy my spine still was hurting so MR I time then my life changed forever I was told I have MS disease at this time I had moved to Missouri to work for VW, and Porsche, I was all alone to go through this illness I felt like I was being punished for our relationship failing . so like you said we all are going through things in life and it's sad to see people just assume things without knowing whats going on I don't personally know you as you know but I can tell you are genuine and a Beautiful person and you are right why do people do the things they do or cause problems for other people so sad to see we are all different and if it's not your taste as they say then just go on about your life. I hope you can relax and things get better I know I'm just one voice but believe me, I'm shouting so you can hear you are loved and a good person, please dont ever foget this you have a lot of people that care and adore you for who you are, just keep being you. Take care always. just Dave.

  4. I’m just going to be honest, I used to watch consistently until I realized I would get click baited a lot..clicked on this one to see if it has change since I tuned out a whileee back…but nope. And when ever anyone points it out,..the answer is that the title is addressed in the video…ummmm no…we all know what clickbait is.

  5. Hey mamas!!! Should I size up or get the same size I wear in the ascend for the pant?? As for the energy bra what’s the support like in comparison with the OG top. Big boobie mama here 😂💕

  6. Okay Sweetie, I had the Mirena for 7 years and I am a "mature" woman. Didn't notice a weight gain from it as I just thought it was the age-related gain. What I did notice was my hair falling out and memory loss, both which improved when I had it removed. I did not have any weight loss two years ago after it was removed either. However, I have lost a few pounds from intermitten fasting, have you tried that?

  7. I am beginning to think I should just unsubscribe. I used to love your content and it's changed so much over the last year. Now everything is always either about everything you have, your "programs", or some dramatic click-baity title. I miss the days when you had real content on this channel.

  8. after i read the mirena contraceptive embedded testimonials, i always advise friends or family to ask your GP about Mirena EMBEDMENT and the dangers/ risks vs positives…. i recommend the DAYSY for contraceptive.. the issue i hear alot is the issue of hormone balancing … recommend seeing a chiropractor / naturpath / homeopath/ nutritionist to find out how to regulate your hormones and health to create more energy and to promote a healthier immune system… I have commented before several times. on your posts.. i have recommended you and your son get a titers test to find out about YOUR antibodies allergies etc…. this test allows the individual to understand about their system…possibly why there is possible weight gain. (why you are retaining water). possibly how allergies effect your family and how to avoid inflammation(which foods cause risk to YOU)… the titers test isnt cheap but the test will help you have a better understanding of your individual health and how your body works / reacts and this can be done with help from your gp. i hope your assistant passes this comment onto you as I believe you will be amazed with your findings…….also Congratulations on the blow up on the 800k video, I hope you continue to succeed. Much love xox

  9. What was so exciting you wanted us to know. You didn’t tell us. I’m curious now. Lol. Anyway I love the way you are, I love how transparent you are, and I love that you are a women that is building success on your own. ❤️

  10. Hey hun, I personally hate birth control any method. I had bad pain with the Mirena and spotting, I switched to the arm implant and it was the worst decision I've ever made. Before birth control I was always no more than 115lbs even after having both my kids now I weight 195lbs which is my heaviest! Once I got on the implant I kid you not I gained 50 pounds in the span of 3 months. Since then it's been nearly impossible to loose weight I took the implant off 4 years ago and have not had my period in a total of 6 years (during and after the implant). I had always consider myself healthy never had any health issues but since then I been diagnosed with PCOS, AMONERREAH, INSULIN RESISTANCE and a crap load of other issues. Please girls if you think about getting any birth control be careful and do your research, I know everyone's body is different and other girls have had good experiences but it honestly ruined my life my spouse and I have been trying to conceive and no luck we've tried many doctors methods as well as natural methods and pills and nothing. P.S. Love your channel!

  11. YES girl! So much respect to you for sharing all the personal details! I always say it and Ill say it again your a boss and a huge inspiration!!! Please keep the money, boss babe loa series coming 💕💖✨

  12. Check out wonderfully ales most recent video she was on that birth control and didn’t have a good experience when she got it out

  13. I am one of those people who rarely comments, but I DO watch your videos and enjoy them. I look forward to them in fact. This video was good too, even though it was basically a sales video. However, I am just going to be blunt here: it's annoying AF when you use clickbait titles, and if there's a reason I'd stop being a subscriber, that would be it. For God's sake woman, you're here to empower and uplift women – are you so insecure with your content you feel the need to use clickbait? This isn't the first time I've noticed this in some of your titles, which is why I'm taking the time to post a comment. Practice what you're preaching girl! Not every video is my favorite, but you have enough good quality content you don't need to resort to this, and you shouldn't be undermining your positive message!

  14. I definitely had weight gain with the Mirena. After about 2 years, I had so much pain! To the point I couldn’t be sexually active (tmi) but I believe it is important to share this. I scheduled so many Dr appointments due to the pain only to be told, everything looked fine. Obviously it wasn’t! I believe your body will tell you when something isn’t right. Also my uterus is tilted so I assume that had some involvement with the pain!? Idk but it’s gone. I had it removed. It actually took months for the pain to go away, even after getting it removed. Never Again! 😩

  15. I had the mirena for almost two years and absolutely hated it. I was miserable. In pain all the time. Multiple cysts on both ovaries every single month. I did gain a little weight with it.

  16. Not sure if you already have one, but would LOVE to see a video of you breakdown your preworkout and other supplements or protein you use. I often go into GNC but get soooo overwhelmed. What is your WHY for using these, how to tell which ones are good and how they effect you & your workout / weight loss journey, etc.

  17. Girl yes!! I haven’t even finished watching the video yet but I just had to comment about the Mirena. I had it in about 5 years ago, I gained soooo much weight, suffered from night sweats and headaches all the time. I kept it in for about 8 months or so and couldn’t take it anymore. After I had it taken out, all those issues ceased. I’m glad you got rid of yours too 🙂

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