1. I am a cousin of the cristiane of the brazilian soccer team, look it up on my YouTube channel, playing us futures in every one of her walks, congratulations to all of you …

  2. I understand why they traded position each other. I felt strange that Ertz as MF, Dunn as DF position. Ertz used to be at DF. Why she suddenly changed to MF. She ain't good MF player. After I watched the USWNT quarterfinal game, I knew why. Dunn was outstanding DF, even better than Ertz as DF position. If Ertz was on Dunn position, USWNT probably would get eliminated. French were good at counter attack. Dunn cleared all dangerous moments.

  3. Seriously though, is it possible to like one player more than any other in a team? If so, I like Julie more than everyone else, don’t get me wrong I like everyone but Julie a bit more. Before watching this video, I’ve always thought “I could possibly be friends with her, she seems really cool and down to earth, and I feel like she could relate to me in a specific way,” and after watching this video, I’ve thought “yeah, the possibility of being friends with her grew if I had the chance to, she’s the kinda person I wanna be around, just positive energy and just fun.” Also watching her play is really something I enjoy, I could learn a few things from her

  4. Reasons why I love this is; 1) Coachable content 2) Get an idea what it takes to play upper level 3) Show the importance of weights and proper form!!!!

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