1. i'm so glad i can come here and find just what i need when i need it. I am just getting back to some higher impact stuff after resting an unknown foot injury or inflammation of some kind. I had a successful run yesterday and would normally skip a day but due to the time off, I wanted something cardio today too. This was perfect and I can now follow up with just a bit of arms on my own. While my foot was bothering me, I was able to do your lower impact and cardio flow routines to keep me moving.

  2. Good workout! I wish the music were faster. About 10 mins in, the workout slows down like a cooldown and the music sounds like spa music. It's hard to really intensify it when the moves get smaller and the music gets slower.

  3. I like how Jessica walks in time to the music. This is important to help the walking flow and not get confused. When I see the people on the videos are not in time with the music, it's a tad disquieting and annoying. Also it's good to feel I'm exercising with those on the video rather than feeling disconnected and being more "aware" that it's a video.

  4. This is perfect for cold days like today. I have what's called Reynaud's Phenomenon or Reynaud's Syndrome, where my fingers and toes get extremely cold because my body vasoconstricts too much in cold weather. This is great for getting my heart rate up and keeping me warm without being too much to do on the spur of the moment!

  5. thanks for this! It was so cold when I got home but i really needed a heart pumping workout that also wouldn't put any strain on my arm (major tennis elbow issue keeping me out of a lot of my fave videos). Now i feel inspired to find another segment for more abs and legs i guess.

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