1. Helps you not waste time if your fat loose fat then chew gum everyday and the theory is it will make you grow your jawline muscle like anymuscle.

  2. me: "Yeah I'm getting my little puppy dog a toy."
    Clerk: "Aaaw, what kind of dog is it?"
    Me: *Starts sweating profusely* "OK YOU GOT ME IT'S FOR ME I'M TRAINING MY MASSETER MUSCLES!"

  3. I have tried this by chewing. And my jaw muscles have started going. But for this my lower face has started growing horizontally. And it is looked worst.
    So sir can u plz suggest me what I have to do

  4. That healthy "tan" that looks good, is actually better to achieve through eating a lot of colorful veggies. Like how flamingos get their pink color through eating.

    Ask, and I'll send you the link to the TED.

    Also, the jaw exercise. Just chewing and swallowing correctly it's great. Don't put food in your mouth until you've swallowed what you've got.

    Also, mewing. Check out out. I can send that link as well. Could also explain if you'd like.

  5. Hey Bro, would you consider grabbing a beer together? I'm in Cali too and figured I would ask before you get too famous lol

    Anyways, awesome channel. Take care!

  6. Hey bro im litte bit fat but im losing weight now quitgood but can i still do these jaw exercises even if im still bit fat will it haven any effect on my jaw?

  7. Went through exactly what you did haha. Lost 110ish pounds in 6-7 months. I honestly feel like it is the "easiest" way to lose weight because you constantly see progress and never feel like "nothing is happening". Good job dude. Impressive as hell. 🙂

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