1. This one was great, I did not feel like doing any type of cardio because my bum knee is inflamed and hurts… so I walked for about 10 mins at the park then came home and did this upper body workout. Glad I did! Got slightly warm and sweaty and I know my arms will be sore tmrw 🙂

  2. I just want to say thank you. I love working out but im one of those people that overthink when planning my workouts for the next day. Your channel has a workout for everything and it helps me soooo much! Thank you! I love you guys!!!!

  3. I LOVE your videos! All of them. There is something about you guys, a humble nature and I LOVE seeing married couples working together, doing like together. GREAT arm workout!

  4. I am recovering from a stress fracture on my foot and these upper body and core workouts are so helpful for keeping me moving safely. Thank you! I really appreciate the mix of low and high impact workouts that you offer.

  5. I appreciate the precise instructions from the commentator and his calm tone of voice with encouragement. I also like the intensity, hard but not impossible. Thank you. Keep up the good work Kelli and team!!

  6. Even though this video is 3 years ago, the exercise moves will always be timeless. There are so many fitness youtuber's and i would say i return to your videos most often.

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