1. I got very lean in the past 2 years and people make jokes that I don’t eat. Very annoying! I eat a lot but healthy and I workout smart and hard. People just like to say shit to other people because they feel bad about themselves. I don’t care though because I know I eat and am healthy.

  2. Tell em! People have no right to judge unless they walk in someone’s shoes! Weight loss is a daily struggle and keeping the weight off is hard too! We need to lift each other no put each other down! 🙌🌸

  3. Look at those ab lines sis!!! Yes girl ❤️. I’ve lost 60 lbs on keto and I have a lot more to go. I just hate when ppl chime in on what someone else is doing to be healthy. They need to stay in their own damn lane. Thanks for always inspiring me to keep going. Love ya

  4. There is definitely a shift to anti-diet culture and self-love, etc BUT if someone needs to limit some things to feel comfortable in their skin, so be it. I don't like the diet culture either and had a realization the other night. My whole life has been up and down weight wise with extremes on either end. I've tried every "diet" but realized that my motives for weight loss has changed. In order for it to stick, it has to be sustainable and not just a 30 day thing or whatever to get things kickstarted and that's something I need to keep in mind too. I'm adapting and making changes based on that and feel much better about it. Less stress! Also upped my fasting game again recently. You got this! Excited to see your collab too!

  5. People can be so 🙃🤣. When they judge others it takes their focus off themselves. I tend to ‘see’ more in others when I’m unhappy with myself. Just saying …….. if we are seeing problems perhaps the problem is staring back at us from the mirror. My theory …..🤷🏼‍♀️👍. Have a blessed week🙏✌️

  6. my take away from the anti diet culture movement is that you should do whatever you want to be happy in your body , but the reason shouldn't be because multi billion dollar diet industry says so. and we shouldn't be made to feel inadequate if we don't fit the mold of a fitness model. the diet industry only makes money if it can convince people that they are never good enough ! i lost 100 pounds doing WW and reached goal in may 2016 and nobody was going to tell me not to !!! everyone needs to do what is right for them, not everybody is going to be 110 pound fitness model and i don't want them to be , so many different body shapes and sizes are beautiful !!! i just want it to be okay if a mother of 4 ,looks like a mother of 4 and not like a 15 yr old that needs to eat a sandwich ! i definitely get where you're coming from though they're is currently a lot on social media about diet culture lately and a lot to sort through ,and i definitely don't pretend to have it figured out.

  7. Hey lady! Just curious … do you work with a trainer at the gym or do you just wing it? How do you decide what to do when there? We have a fitness center at my work and I was thinking about trying it out, but don’t want to look like a dumbass! Lol!

  8. I'm obsessed with the scale! I must get on the scale at least two or three times a day when I'm at my boyfriend's house once or twice when I'm at home. To me that's the only way to know how I'm really doing as far as my progress goes.
    I haven't measured myself in a few weeks. But I definitely can tell that many of my clothes from the previous years are looser on me and I do love that. It's just that I've been at this damn stall for almost a month now and it's frustrating. But I haven't been able to work out because of my surgery 2 weeks ago and problems with my knee but I'm going to get back into it as soon as the doctor tells me that it's a go. I got about 10 more pounds to go and it seems like the hardest. That's always the case the last couple of pounds is always the hardest.

  9. I followed you on weight watchers and was so upset you left it and then I found you , I love your personality and confidence in yourself , I also went to keto 4 months ago and wish I did it and new about it along time ago , your heart is so loving , you look great

  10. I totally agree about the diet culture thing. It feels like we are sometimes looked down upon or like we don't love our bodies for wanting to change them.

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