1. Kettle works I have all the d.v.d. Need to in prove my 5km park run time. Cycling 26.2miles every Sunday on my mountain biking on the great Welsh marathon course. You motivate me to be the best version of my self . Walk run 6.2miles every day. Qigong exercises every day.

  2. 0:58
    Still my favorite kettlebell training by Ryan! Whenever I try others, I stop early and come back to this one. Great ambiance, even the ambient sounds make you feel like you're there at the beach. Whoops your bum and relaxes you at the same time 😇

  3. Thought this workout would be too easy with a 5 pound kettlebell……wrong! Still got a burn and sweating. Lol. Def incorporate into my workout routine. Go heavier. Ryan you have a calming spirit. 😊💪

  4. Not done much of anything for months – found this and though yeah! Especially as I cannot lift overhead due to wear and tear in shoulders – first time – kicked my backside well before the end. Great stuff!

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