1. My 4 year old daughter loooves doing this workout! Asks me to turn it on every single day! And after always has to have fruits and veggies as a snack!

  2. Oh my goodness- My girls LOVED this workout. It is the perfect length and they had such fun pointing out their favorite characters! I hope you are able to do more of these videos because this one is spectacular!

  3. Lucy this is BRILLIANT!!! I worked out to it as my secondary evening workout, and I felt, as an adult, it was beneficial. Your enthusiasm, and your GENUINE sweet and loving nature is evident as you narrated the video, and I'm so blessed by you and ALL YOUR VIDEOS! I just know children who try this will be influenced, especially if they see their mom and or dad exercise with you regularly as well. Your positivity is absolutely contagious! And Lucy you have gotten me through difficult times in my life with your positive and encouraging and non-judgemental attitude. Blessed be, Lucy Wyndham-Read!

  4. I’m a teen but I follow ur hiit and 20 min workouts cuz I feel that the other abs workout on other channels like planks,crunches,reverse crunches etc are too difficult and inefficient. I love you Lucy I’ve lost like 10kg in 7months because of ur workouts! Please do a workout for teens pleaseeeee! Thank you so much luv u!!!

  5. You get my 10 year old to sweat! 😅 Thank you for such a fun and educational video. It’s short enough to keep his interest, but long enough to give him a great workout. I have even caught him doing the stretches when he’s not doing the videos. 😉

  6. Whenever I do your exercises my daughter will join with me, she is very excited to see kids version, she loved it. Looking for more videos. Thank you for exploring things!.

  7. Thank you so much for posting this. My 5 year old loves to exercise. This was easy for her to follow without her getting bored or upset. Love ya and thanks again!!

  8. Hello lucy i have a question can you make workouts to help with snowboarding or a challenge with trampoline exercise i love your videos and workout and i think those sound cool to do !! Keep doing what you are doing you are awesome !!!

  9. Hi Lucy, I am a new subscriber to your channel. I have been doing your workouts from one week I am feeling amazing dear. I am 6kilos more than my actual weight. Now I wanted to lose body fat and to be healthy and fit for my life. Thanks for sharing your workouts. Right now I am doing 4min hiit workouts, 7min workout and indoor walking. Still not yet seen any physical changes in my body but I was having bad ankle pain now I can see difference and even I can walk without any pain thanks for that. Even though your workouts are hiit you made those workouts by giving us easier options thanks a lot for that. I think I'll see results soon I am planning to continue your workouts. Thank you once again dear.

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