1. Died at the plank part. I mean, I continued as best as I could but damn. Thanks for the workout! I have given myself a workout plan for my next monthly goal, after my january goal went fabulously. Gotta get back on track!

  2. Just tried this today and man I am out of shape!!! (Unless you count oval as a shape) Hopefully the next 45 days of this routine and other HIIT workouts will do the trick before I come back to the states

  3. Great job on the video! You’re a great fitness instructor! I did the routine twice so far and I can really feel that the workout is helping. You should make more videos like this.

  4. A tip to get through the pain is the breath in on the easier part of the move and breath out on the hardest part. An example is the leg lifts where you breathe in when lowering your leg and breathe out when you left them

  5. Thanks for posting this video 🙂 It's easier to give work out a try when you can follow an instructor on screen, without having to leave your house and be insecure around others in a class. And even more motivating when the instructor is a person you like and find inspiring 🙂

  6. I LOVED this video. Such clear instructions you look awesome. Every fitness instructor or whatever they call themselves on YT needs a mic. Thank you!

  7. I somehow never noticed that tattoo on your left arm. Does it say "Be"? Would you mind confirming? If it's personal you don't have to of course.
    Also, I am really looking forward to trying out this workout!

  8. Hi Alyssia!! I like so many things about this video! The graphics, the music, and specially how you make it look so easy and effortless, Yes!!! I want to see more videos like this!! I already have saved this video on my abs videos. You look great Alyssia! Keep going!!

  9. While do all the crunches I found that my neck was hurting I’m pretty sure I was just doing the incorrect for but I’m not sure what was wrong about it can anyone help please

  10. Love this!! I'm impressed that you were able to speak so clearly and calmly throughout the video! My abs were on fiyah! You explain the moves very well 👍 Would love to see more fitness videos along with your usual food videos 😊

  11. Thank you, Alyssia! This was my first ab workout since having a baby 3 1/2 months ago. It felt great. I was sweeping the floor, since all the kids were in bed, dropped the broom and did it immediately. Keep them coming! Thank you for all the useful info on your channel.

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