1. 최고입니다. 매일 따라해요 땀도 많이나고 너무 재미있어요영상이 좀더 길었으면 좋을텐데 두번씩 따라하니 30분운동되요^^  감사합니다!!!

  2. Thank you so much for all the amazing dancing videos. I owe you ten kilograms loss three years ago and now I’m back to exercising to your videos everyday so I can lose weight again. I don’t like regular exercising but I like to dance, that’s why I like to exercise with Zumba and Latin dance and your videos are the best for that. I would really love if you add more long videos (half an hour length) and have other ppl dancing with you (similar to this vid) for more encouragement.. at the end, thank you thank you thank you so much and your efforts in these vids are so much appreciated dear 🙂

  3. I will be honest and say this is the easiest zumba video ive found but also its still too hard! I can go jogging and shit but its so hard for someone like myself who has no rythem and could never dance and has never been to a dance class in her life I'm like 10 beats behind everyone and its so hard to do the moves proper good thing ive never been to a zumba class cos i'd just make a fool of myself

  4. This is STILL my favorite video workout! Years ago, I could only do one 4-min song at a time, then 2, 3, and eventually all four. I still come back to this. Each day you should list 3 things you are grateful for. I am grateful for this video, for your energetic smile, and the particular team you chose, and that you made more videos! Thank you. You are all appreciated.

  5. Hi Linda I'm Linda Elder…yes almost the same name but not the same abilities. I'm hoping to get this old body back in shape in a fun way. Thanks for the video.

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  8. This was my very first zumba dance class video and I simply love you videos Linda! It helped me a lot! Thank you so much for your work! Regards from a brazilian fan! XO

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