1. Thank you so so so much…. This is the best…i have to do a ppt but i have no idea… I suck at electronic things and I have no one to help me… Almost get depressed but i found this… It's just I don't know how to express how thankful I am for this video…

  2. Wow… it's the best tuto I've seen so far to have a great head start with PP. Thank you soooo much for your time and the fabulous clarity of your explanations. I'll come back for more, that's for sure.
    I just missed the timing of parts of text arriving on the same slide…I'm sure you have it tucked somewhere else 😉
    Thank you so much, you aced it !!!

  3. Lol a PowerPoint tutorial. I'm sorry, I'm sure this is actually necessary, if you want to make a really polished deck, but the idea of a PowerPoint tutorial is just hilarious to me.

  4. thank you so much…by using power point. i drafted graphical abstract of my scientific article…which was accepted in high ranked reputed journal.. for which i have prepared a video… i hope you will like it

  5. Hi Jamie, Apart from your excellent teaching skills, i can tell you that you are very humble and grounded man..I like your teaching style and i learned a lot from you..Thank you and stay blessed !

  6. Hi , I need to create a power point presentation with video, something like this one.I need to be presenting it . Could you tell me how did you manage to include yourself in video here?
    thank so much

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