1. You girl are amaizing😍 your strategie of workout and motivation is absolutely effective ☝️😗 Thankyou for keeping me fit more than a gym trainer does❤

  2. Hi Kola, I following you Istanbul in Turkey. I love your smiling face 🙂 And you're very good. I have aquestion i hope you can answer. Can't raise a hip very week? How? Love, Nihan.

  3. When your glutes reach a size which your happy how do you maintain that size without growing it? Keep doing your simple easy workout or what lol help me pls.

  4. I’ve been working out to this video about a month now at least 2 times a week and I’m seeing really great results

  5. Yo this works! I broke a good sweat, my butt and leg muscles feel activated, and I did all the exercises with you. This will be my daily routine and you have a new subscriber💗.

  6. This is my first time working out EVER! And you completely killed me!
    Just kidding 😂😂
    I love the way you motivated me through the video when I was giving up.. I think I’m going to stick to your channel and tell all my friends about you..
    Thank you soo much 💋💋❤️🥰

    One question, if you want to grow the muscles of the hip section and butty, do I have to do the exercises every day or just like 2 days a week? I don't want to lose weight there

  8. Full workout mentioned
    -Squats for 20 seconds

    -Donkey sways (donkey kicks but drawing a ‘u’ instead of kicking for 30 seconds on each leg -1 minute in total)

    -Knelt backward leg extensions for 25 seconds on each leg

    -Knelt sideways leg kicks or fire hydrants if not flexible enough for 25 seconds each

    -Lie on stomach and lift legs up alternately for 30 seconds

    -Glute bridges or hip thrusts for 30 seconds

    1 minute rest

    -Squats with feet together for 45 seconds

    -Forward lunges alternating feet (jump after each lunge or just do a regular lunge) for 45 seconds

    -Stanging leg kickbacks-kick leg backwards for 20 seconds on each leg

    -Side lunges alternating legs for 30 seconds

    -Another set of side lunges alternating legs for 30 seconds

    -Good mornings (lean forward with a straight back) for 30 seconds

    -Hug yourself for 30 seconds

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