1. So many american haters for such a marvellous athlete.. You should be proud instead!! Red necks do not digest the fact she is not a PRO Trump.. Pathetic.. Ignorance and hate represent well your mind and your president! Make America dumb again!!

  2. She's not anti American she's anti trump.when people didn't like Obama they were not considered anti american.thank you miss Vonn for not being scared to express yourself which is your right as an American.something people seem to forget.

  3. Stay DOWN Vonn. And you ditched your husband after he made you from a low life to a contender. You ditched him and you LOSE NOW. You are insecure. Your workout music sucks. You got BRONZED by Sofia. Hah! Spoiled brat using dead relatives to front. Shiffrin would have gotten your bronze if she had done that race. Retire in SHAME. fake news Lindsey betrayed her husband and went oil drilling and mud sharking hAHAHAH. And now you are barren, no children, no husband, and washed up listening to rap music.

  4. To bad Vonn doesn't train her mouth and her attitude as much as she does her body. Frankly, this is the one and only time I am going to even acknowledge her existance.

  5. It's amazing how a world class athlete is not as strong as you would expect, 60 pounds on squats not including bar, so a 100 tops, can barley do a push up. And that slo mo video of her running with that guy, i dont know what it was supossed to show? That she kept up? By not fully touching the sand and bad form?? You would think that she would be stronger than that for a world class athlete. This is exactly why in certain sports women will never ever be able to crossover into men sports. I know men are naturally stronger but I didn't know the gap was this big. I didn't have a reference point until a this. A world class athlete struggling with 100 pound squat and can not do full pushups. I was expecting her to be able to do things that I could never do.. I'm so disappointed. Just proves to me that the majority of the world is not athletic at all and think that these athletes are amazing and better than they really are.

  6. She has some innovative and varied training methods. A little disappointed that she dated a charcoal briquet, but that doesn't diminish her accomplishments.

  7. Watching her ski is a beautiful thing. Nothing but respect for those who achieve mastery in their field. Excellence is hard work, and this shows what it takes to be the best woman skier in history with 81 World Cup wins.

  8. Training in the sand is good but better in water.And balance is good but it also good to focus in the major muscles being used in the sport including inner and hips exercise.

  9. She doesn't like America because of trump. I don't think she represents this country . Go back with tiger. And she can move to another country. American s will not be ch erring her on. That's her whole life doing c workouts. Get a real job. You are old and should not be In the Olympics. Go find another sugar daddy.

  10. I’m a conservative that supports you Lindsey, and your right to criticize someone you disagree with. You represent the best of the USA. Strength, beauty and and independent voice!

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