1. Okay , so I usually give up hopes so easily because the last subliminal I tried took time and I’m very impatient , but let me tell you I barely started listening to this yesterday I was 163 and today I’m 159. I’m very happy with my results thank you so much I’ll keep listening , but you also can’t expect to lose weight if you don’t watch how you eat

  2. listened to this all night let’s see if it works. i’m gonna be listening to it every night. i’ll update

    day 1: WOW i didn’t have an appetite at all and didn’t eat literally anything all day.

    day2: still didn’t have an appetite but i did eat more than i wanted too. but that’s probably cause i didn’t eat at all on day 1 lol.

    day 3: didn’t have much of an appetite but i did eat more than i wanted too. still not as much as i usually would.

    (forgot to mention after the first day in the morning i weighed myself and i was 147.8lb when i’m usually 150-152lbs. i’m not exercising either. just walking at a normal day to day amount)

  3. Hi people , i am thrilled to See so mamy of you having a great results from this .I struggle to loose weight as I am not strict with my self and fail all the time after few days . I have no Idea if this will help me loose weight, but it sure is certain that I sleep like a baby 👶 listening to the rain ☔️. Just love it, and so right there it is already so beneficial for me. I do listen to other tapes as well with talk – great too … so hoping it will start up somehow my naughty brain to smarten up and do the right thing – make the right choices 🙂
    Cheers ,good luck ,And best wishes to all of you 🤗🙋‍♀️

  4. I have bipolar and my medications cause me to gain weight. I will be listening to this meditation every night. I hope to lose thirty pounds. Wish me luck. I will give myself six months to a year to lose thirty pounds. Wish me luck. Thanks for this video. Namaste

  5. Okay so I've been using this for maybe three days already, and listened to it on loop (don't know how many times) and rn I'm on my cycle so I'm not going to measure my weight, but after I will. So I'll keep y'all updated, once a week.

    Starting weight: 190
    Ugw: 100

    First measurement:
    Update: Not a weight update!
    I've been eating healthier foods with less hunger, thank you.
    Second measurement:
    ♡ 188
    Been walking a lot and having motivation to actually do so.

  6. Does this work if you’re skinny? I eat healthy and work out everyday so I don’t have much fat to lose but I just really want to get a little more lean, Will listening to this help me?

  7. Could this subliminal make me pee myself when i sleep and think I’m on the toilet while hearing rain lol 😭😶😂

    I feel like I need to go to the toilet and I’m still awake and I feel a bit scared to sleep now 😪😶

  8. I made a joke below, but this recording has definitely helped me. I never meant to say anything negative about the recording, just my insomnia. 🙂

  9. I watch a different video every night of the week. I don't listen to each video once though, for example I listen to this every Wednesday and another one every Thursday so on. Obviously results are a lot slower but it definitely helps keep me on track to have a routine. I also do visual ones every day for about 12 minutes (two videos a day and sometimes three)

  10. I'm telling you, these do work! How can they not? I've been playing this one alternately with other such as 'Confidence, Happiness and Motivation' overnight and have noticed a marked difference. I weighed myself this morning and weigh 4 kg less than only a couple weeks ago!

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