1. This is my first day, i don't really weight much (for my age) i just want to get rid of some fat. I'll keep yall updated! (maybe……if i don't forget to or stop listening to this)

  2. If you would like to sleep while listening to subliminals, but can’t with earphones because you wouldn’t want to suffocate and choke as you sleep (since the wire/string will go around my neck. I move a lot when i sleep :,) ) . How else can I listen to subliminals while sleeping.
    Please answer and thank you!

  3. Okay, so all I had in mind was, “of course it’s not gonna work” so I listened once for 6 hours while I was sleeping and holy fuck, I lost 2 kilos I was 78.8 and now I’m 76.8, what how,
    I will try this for a week and see the results, but keep in mind I don’t exercise, cause I have knee problems, and I don’t diet, but I’m aware of my food

  4. I hear these sounds of insects and nature when I was in holiday in Vietnam. The the real sounds and I losses 3kg in a month but like that was because I only ate like once a day. I usually eat so much in Ireland. It’s like I didn’t feel like eating. It’s crazy how it works. I actually only listened to 3 hours and I’m already waking up earlier? Usually I would still feel tired and be lazy and go back to sleep. Hopefully this will work. Hopefully I will be able to control my own mind instead of habits.

  5. I'm literally in love with how this subliminal isn't only full of affirmations of the ideal physical appearance like how most weight loss subliminals are, but it DEEPLY focuses on your everyday habits and will power, like damn who knew the process is more important than the outcome – I've almost completely lost my appetite and cravings and I have more motivation to workout 🙂 also I've finally lost those pesky 4.5 pounds in the past few days of starting (just some water weight, but it's a great start) and I know 4.5lbs is a lot for water weight but ever since I started intense workout training my weight has been rapidly fluctuating at weird rates :/

  6. I have spent the last half an hour trying to hear a single word in this video and all I can hear is the noise in the background I do not hear anyone saying anything can someone send me a time lapse of something speaking

  7. Day 1 : 143.5
    Day 2 : 142.0
    Day 3 : 143.0 ( I had a lot of food )
    Day 4 : 141.5
    Day 5 : 141.0
    Day 6 : 142.0
    Day 7 : I forgot
    Day 8 : 142.0
    Day 9 : 141.5
    Day 10 : 142.0( I ate a lot )

  8. I just have to say, this is really calming to sleep to, like I’ve had sleeping problems and if I’d wake up during the night, this would put me straight back to sleep 😴

  9. I dont undesrstand, seriously im sorry… Why cant i undesrstand how * doesent remember name of the animal in english * noises can make me lose weight?

  10. I am gonna update everyday
    Day1 Starting weight 54,5; 171cm
    Day2: 55- listened for 6 hours during night
    Day3: 54,2- listened for 19 minutes during night:))) I feel like it somehow motivates me subconsciously, but I lose weight bc I restricted my calories a lot

  11. I'm GOING to listen to this everyday for the next few weeks before school starts back so let's hope this works, I wont be updating everyday,I will put before and after results every week instead,okay so I'm overweight as a 5'8 13 year old athletic child anyways let's just start ;))
    Starting weight on Sat, July 6,2019: 179.8
    Right now:
    Goal: 105 lbs

    This didn’t work for me. Yes I admit I ate like a Pig
    However this didn’t help with my hunger, or any weight loss
    I have tried this for maybe 5-6 days
    I am gonna shift to another subliminal
    So yeah

  13. Okay! I have genuine faith in subliminals as they have changed my facial features and my face is the way I want it.

    It’s just my body now! I’m gonna listen for an hour every day, more if I can.

    Day 1: 10st3 (143lbs). My belly hurts and I feel a little less hungry.

  14. Okay so here’s what I’m going to do. Imma listen to this everyday for a month and at the end of the month I’ll update you guys on my results. Atm im 125 pounds. See y’all in a month lol

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