1. I LOVE DANCING so much but havent been able to for last few years due to an injury to my foot and ankle a few years ago, I hope soon I will be well enough and my body and legs/feet/ankles strong and healthy so I can dance so much it lifts my spirits so high, if you have any tips in getting back into the dancing and healing my CRPS (complex regional pain syndrome) Elizabeth I would so love it and appreciate it thank you bless your heart love your vibrant spirit heart and soul manifesting your beautiful youthful body as a result ?! <3

  2. Dr.Elizabeth, I never been in a gym because i always think that men are going to look at me doing movements and I get shame inside im young 36 single and i only need to lose 30lb so i try to walk on the park but i dont feel safe alone there. Can you make a video about people been scary to go to a unixes gym. I did go to a woman gym but i dint feel the staff really help there and it was so far from my house the unixes gym is so close to my house i feel shame going there.

  3. I enjoy a good run, walking, bike riding, jumping rope. I love to dance when I can. We went to a wedding a week ago and I danced my butt off and it was so much fun. I am keeping track of my activity on my apple watch. I try to meditate but it is not a regular practice like it should be. I don't have much to lose but these last 5-10 lbs have been so stubborn and have been around my waste and I have to remember to be more mindful that stress does not help me.

  4. Playing with your 5 year old who doesn't stop jumping all day, that's what I do to keep myself active, I kill to birds with one stone, I have bonding time with her while I burn tons of calories and it doesn't even feel like a workout 😂

  5. Thank you for sharing these tips on weight loss and the journey. Please continue to motivate us with a plan for success. Also,by perhaps focusing on this topic monthly to check in on our progress and adding more valuable information.

  6. Dr Elizabeth you are glowing and so amazing! I need to lose about 60-75 pounds so I will take these tips into action. It’s true I do feel alone and isolated. It’s no fun, but your words are very encouraging! I want to go more fun things, walk around the mall, sit comfortably in an airplane, and just feel my best! Thank you so much!

  7. Elizabeth thank you for all your great videos, I am in my 50's look years younger but recently have noticed that my arms and legs are losing muscle and the skin is looking creepy…? I was told my hormones are low but no not want to do HRT….what is your opinion on this and what do you recommend for my limbs….doesn't matter how much a work out my muscle or flabby.

  8. I love walking or hiking, and yoga most. I have consistently lost more weight doing these forms of exercise more then doing intense HIIT or weight lifting. I have more steady energy as well.

  9. Hi Dr. Elizabeth, I'm.struggling with belly fat, ive bustrd a few buttons bcuz of that. I always wear a jacket or sweater to cover myself at work or in public. And when i get a HotFlash, im burning up. I wish I could be free of covering up. I admire you. You are so beautiful, if i looked like You I wouldnt have no problem loving Me. 😍😊🙋‍♀️💖

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