1. I would love to join the success stories below but am having problems keeping still for so long. Some battles are: jerky legs, runny nose, mosquitoes, Charlie horse in neck… Shall I go on? Oh! Last night I had a cat trying to get in, and mine went nuts. This was somewhere between "relax" and "you're floating." Suggestions?

  2. I'm sorry but I can hardly hear what you're saying. The music is too loud for me to hear your voice. I also have tinnitus so the buzzing in me ears don't help. I would like to hear these videos.

  3. Meditation during sleep is an excellent addition to any weight loss regimen. Kind of helps to think about losing weight constantly. I believe in order to achieve something such as losing weight, it has to constantly be in front of you. Why not have it there during sleep as well. I got a Free manual that I kept with me religiously and I am not 20 pounds less thanks to some of the tips from this manual. Get it here. https://hudsoninvestmentcorp.com/womensfitnessandweightloss

  4. Listened last night.. first of 30! Thank you so much for posting this.

    Today 5/8, it’s been 8 days… no changes in weight, cravings, energy or the desire to exercise. I will keep at it.

  5. I love your voice. My only apprehension is using uncomfortable words like queazy, etc. associated with eating in general. i don't ever want to feel that way about anything including food, so I'm not sure if this is right for me. Maybe these words make it more effective and they might not be detrimental at all, but my instincts tell me that these suggestive negative words might be too strong for me. Otherwise I would listen to you voice all day long! πŸ™‚ All the best to everyone who is striving to better themselves ❀️

  6. I don't have any problems with food I never get hungry I have to make my self eat 3 meals a day and that is hard for me to do. I can go for days and not eat . I want to be pain free in my joints. I am going to begin speaking to my body and speaking health and pain free.

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