1. Kyle continues, “much of precisely what Sam taught me flew despite western convention… nevertheless it was supported by independent clinical research so… I tested it out. And it performed much better than I could have considered possible.” Look over the rest of his statement here https://bit.ly/2O8KTkZ

  2. I can't lissend to this when I sleep att Night because I has a Hard Times to Keep me awake at Day. IF I sitt down it taket me a few seconds for me to fall a sleep. I'm dedly tired all Day. 😴😴☹️☹️
    Butik I hope this would fit sombody else.

  3. Ive been listening to this and some other ones as well for a couple of weeks now. My eating habits has gotten better. Ive dropped 5lbs. I exercise 4-5 time a week. Ive noticed a difference in my body. Im hoping to be down 30lbs by next year.

  4. I start this mediation for a month because i didn’t sleep good after my ex and i broke up. Also i stopped smoking and am really nervous sometimes. Since almost 4 weeks I eat healthier, visit the gym regularly and lost 7 kilos 😍 i don’t know if this is this meditation or just my wish for a change but it’s awesome and I will listen to it every night till I have my dreamweight

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  6. Started 3days ago finding this video great no hunger pains sleeping well feeling great when I wake up.
    25days to go my weight is 87kg see what it is in a week.

  7. Oh no I don't think this hypnosis is for me I tried the other sleep weight loss hypnosis' and they both did wonders then tried this one and started indulging again maube subconsciously I think that's what skinny people do lol I think I'll go back to the other ones lol

  8. started last night and feeling good today. noticing that I'm not thinking about food and usually by now I've eaten some junk food but my mind kinda said, no that's not what skinny girls do – haha! looking forward to listening again tonight. will update.

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