1. I keep hearing you say you have to find out what works for you when showing us what you eat.  How do we find out what works for us?  Is it a certain amount of carbs, fats and protein per meal and if so how do I figure what I need for me?

  2. My family is doing this diet along with myself, please confirm if you can, that I can have an apple and some berries for dessert at dinner usually at 5:30, I have your book on hand but my mother refuses, if you can reply to this that would be awesome!

  3. Even tho everyday is Saturday for me, I still get 7 hours a sleep every night. My body tells me its time to get up. Even when I had to go to work, my body told me to get up, you have had enough sleep.

  4. 7 or 8. Cristy, where is your video on type 1 diabetics. Got my daughter and son in law on code red and his endocrinologist is thrilled. My daughter doesn't think you address type 1 diabetes but I told her "Oh yes you do"! Is it on the lifestyle page?

  5. Wow Cristy! That was an awesome video to into our friends & family to our lifestyle! Thank you so much! Love you and love this lifestyle! I have been on it for about 2 months and have lost 18.8 lbs and have so many NSV too! My CR hubby has lost 20 lbs (his goal weight!) and seldom has to take his insulin! So grateful to you and your Code Red team!

  6. I actually was sleeping 9-10 hours at night and I was ALWAYS exhausted. I just started Code Red after reading your book, and now that I’m sleeping 7-8 hours, I already feel so so much better.

  7. I wish I could sleep. It seems I have inherited the same problem my Mom had. She couldn't sleep and neither can I. I go to bed between 10 -11 PM every night and lucky to get to sleep by 3 AM. Then I'm up again by 7:00 am for the dog and and try to go back to sleep. I'm exhausted constantly. I drink water 90% of the time and no caffeine.

  8. After breast cancer and being on anti hormone blockers I thought I would lose weight…I just kept gaining. My friend introduced me to your plan and I am almost 25 lbs down. Thank you…

  9. about 6, I go to bed around 11, my alarm is set for 8, but I have difficulty falling asleep and I wake up 2 – 3 times each night to go to the bathroom (I am drinking more water, but not getting up any more times) and then have difficulty falling back to sleep. Wake up groggy with the alarm.

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