1. Want to see how this surgery will improve his life, he looks like he has 20 pounds of skin that is not necessary. has to be uncomfortable for him. Good Luck!!

  2. Damn, I wish I was as lucky as him to receive free excess skin removal. After losing 60kg+ (130lbs+) I have even less confidence in my self image to the point where I gave up lol. (Didn't go back to gaining it though, just stopped trying to lose it. Not good, I know. But it's whatever)

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  4. And this is the very reason some of us may choose not to lose the weight. Not all of us are lucky enough to go on a program like The Doctors and get the necessary surgery to remove all that excess. Plastic surgery for most things isn't cheap at all. It can cost way more than some of us can afford in a lifetime. And having and living with excess skin comes with medical problems all it's own. One being constant fungal infections and the perennial problem of body odour. And on top of that even if you can afford it, there's all those plastic surgery horror stories. Surgeries that left people messed up for life

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