1. Absolutely wonderful you’re doing awesome video but the music well the music is not too good it would be great if you put some better music on just saying but thank you I appreciate your time that you put into these videos

  2. I did this workout with jump and weight. It was tough but extremely good! Thanks for all your videos❣ they are perfect for me! Thank you for sharing with us❣❣❣ Because, chocolate tastes good😂😂

  3. So after these work outs I tend to yell fuck you at the iPhone.. (in a very exhausted sounding sort of way) I then flip off the phone, ipad or whatever device I happen to be using. Lastly I find it super helpful and invigorating to throw and or kick the yoga matt all over the room. You gotta find your sweat right? 🤬🥵😆😁😂🤩😬

  4. Hola Heather…..mi nombre es Carla….de Chile…estuve viendo tus rutinas….me encantan….por orden médica necesito bajar 5 kilos….es por mi colesterol….peso 64 kilos…..mi pregunta es si estas rutinas me ayudarán a bajar esos kilos….?….y si es así…cuantas veces a la semana….?…..te agradecería tanto una respuesta….porq voy a clases de zumba y no me ha resultado mucho y como saludable por lo mismo…cada tres horas como alimentos porq fui a una nutriologa…..y me hizo de acuerdo a mi talla… peso y metabolismo un plan de dieta….espero tu respuesta….saludos cordiales….👍👍👍😊😊😊😊😊💪💪💪

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