1. 2nd time for this. Holy moly! Jello legs for sure. I lifted really light today (still sore from the upper body burnout yesterday). Happy Saturday!

  2. Maybe I already said this but don't go to Southern Utah in the summer wait until the fall Summer is to hot and the Zions is ridiculously crowded.

  3. Hey Tracy! Had to do a legs day cause yesterday’s was killer upper body(so sore). Have to tell you during those sit down jump up squats I wanted to stay sitting on that soft couch🤣 Loved it! Thanks😊

  4. Great leg workout, Tracy. I do think transitions were a little short for taking the band on and off. You could maybe do two circuits with the band and two without? I burned exactly 400 cals with this one. I down loaded your protein recipe booklet and made the chocolate chip cookie dough. Really Yum! I used fudge brownie protein powder and subbed sun butter for peanut butter and used 85% choc. bar. You should post that recipe on your insta, maybe you’ll get some new followers, 🤗😋 thank you. 😘

  5. Did this one this morning as I was waiting for the new video to premiere (that's tomorrow's workout planned 😉) my goodness, my legs and booty were feeling that one! And I am a sweater, it looked like I'd put my workout clothes out in the rain 😂 Tracy does it again 💪

  6. This was my workout today and it was a killer. So many of my not so favorite moves like lunges, squats 😂😂😂😂my legs were sore at the end. Thank you. I was busy drinking water so had to rewind to see the peeking daughter 😄😄😄 From February I have been doing just your workouts every day not repeating a workout till now. My body is toned and I feel energetic. Keep the workouts coming… Love them all👌👌

  7. This was super intense!! Wow! Sweat all over right now! Amazing leg workout Tracy! loved the cardio mixed in with strength, really burnt out my legs ahhhh! thank you so much!!!❤💖❤

  8. Oh my gosh, my legs are shaking and burning! That was incredible, thank you so much Tracy, your dedication and advice are very much appreciated – and I love Max’s input too!! I’m going to crawl into the kitchen for some water now……! Xx

  9. Tracy… good workout!
    Yes I do prefer a preview either in the show notes or before each circuit or longer transition time, 20 secs maybe, if no previews. Just offering my opinion. But great workout, love leg day!🤗

  10. Such a lovely girl~ Your daughter is so cute . Well, I like  your patterns.  For me, if you had done more complicated workouts, I couldn't have completed it. And I think  all of your followers are amazing. I mean this was so tough and I can barely do this. But other subscribers suggest something more. Wow~  And I like your 'Do something!  Daily workout'. It is really true.

  11. My first 50 min workout and I m glad I didn’t give up at circuit 4. Once you pass the point n you can keep going. Now I m dripping wet stretching. 45 s lounges n frog squat at c4 were the hardest but I didn’t stop thx now I can enjoy lying down

  12. This was brutal. No jumping lunges for me but I kept going using a 12lb weight. My daughter and I did this together and she loved it too. The best oary6was seeing my sweet Maxi at the end. Love the cardio and weights together! Thanks Tracy.

  13. Great workout! I only have a hard time transitioning when I have to put the band on. If you could just add 5 more seconds when the band has to be put on, that would be perfect!

  14. Hey Tracy! Wanted to throw an idea out there- I think you should host a Diet Bet game since you’re such an awesome trainer- have you ever heard of it? The players can get one of your monthly calendars for the game & some of your great recipes-people would love it and new people would get to know the best out there! 💪😀

  15. Really love this format! Burned 560 calories and legs on fire! Those jumping lunges killed me! Thank you for this amazing workout and keeping me motivated!

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