1. It hard but it's amazing, it's real it feels real this really really pushes me to complete the workout I pause I March I sit but I continue I do continue. Their website workout are the best thing that happened to me this year. I can't thank you enough! Forever grateful ❤️

  2. This is soo cool of you guys to share this great team love how this is just put together really considerd everyone to wana take part u all just mesh well as a body project family ☺ thank you 👊

  3. Quería empezar a ejercitar me por mi obesidad y busque… Y busque hasta llegar a ustedes me encantaron sus ejercicios siento que si quieren ayudar alas personas con sobre peso 🤗 soy chilena 🇨🇱 saluditos

  4. Hi from Turkey guys!! Y r doing great jobs posting these super affective videos..they r really motivating and inspiring..thanks and i have a little request from y..could y create a page on twitter, too (twitter is the only account of me)) and im sure there are many people who want to see u there..very good luck on ur works guys..

  5. I love you guys and have been doing your workouts daily for over a month. Every day I get better at keeping up with you. I don't do the videos for weight loss but for overall health and exercise. You two are amazing and I am so happy I found you! You are such a beautiful couple and both so sweet! Thank you!

  6. Awesome video everyone! I think this may be the point where I progress from working out with your Youtube videos to actually committing to a plan. I'm looking forward to seeing it launched next week.

  7. One of the best decisions of my life was when I became a member of TBP <3. This video just sums up why I love them so much <3 
    PS: Promoting you to my family and friends here in Manila ><

  8. I am so lucky and truly honored to be a part of our TEAM. Not that I needed to be reminded of why I joined and stay here, this was amazing it it actually brought tears to my eyes. I am so proud to be working out with fellow members like Angie and Wade and Natarsha and of course Daniel and Alex.

  9. I’ve never seen my parents so happy before! Also this was such a cool video! Idk if you saw my dad’s (Wade’s) bracelet, but I made that for him. Didn’t know he would wear it.

  10. Honestly!!! You guys are the best! You Daniel motivate me through every workout. I'm so glad I found you guys. You guys make everything possible. Thank you for everything…we love you guys!💪🏽

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