1. Thank you for posting this Daniel. You really are very inspiring in what you do. I did core conditioning a few years ago and it helped me do much. Your video has inspired me again to pay more attention to it. You’re by far the best. 😎

  2. Hi dani is only 3 sets is enough because i work out 3 hrs a day &6 days a week but i just lost 4 kg and i dint get any defined cheat , no abs , i need to reduce 3inch on my waist

  3. Really good workout , enjoy it! Could I perhaps add bodyweight rows (inverted rows or pullups ) to target the back more ? Or would that be overtraining ?

  4. I don't know what to say. If there is a word that is better than 'Thank you' i would use it. Your videos are very cool, VERY HELPFUL specialy for me. I now found a work out that i will do, atleast 5 times a week. Thankyou so much Daniel 🙏☺️

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