1. Finally, its here!!! Im very surprised by the structure of the video. Everything is so well-explained like just go to the gym😂👍. Daniel you have done an amazing work, both in the gym and making this video. You really deserve more subs!!! Thank you😀👍👌

  2. Do you do a different exercise after each set, or do you complete 5 or 6 sets of a single exercise before you move on to the next?
    Or, when you mean 5-6 sets, you don't mean a specific exercise but exercises for a specific muscle? Like for chest: 1 set of bench press, 1 set of cable flyover, 1 set of incline bench press, 1 set of dumbbell press etc, then you move on to the exercise for the next muscle?

  3. No did respect in my last comment, because I believe in leading by example, I am over 50yrs old and have heard many guys and girls tell me they have recurring weaknesses because they didn't warm up first! My personal system with a long fitness regime is eat well and plenty fluids during and after workout because the body and muscles need it even when your not working out, I train to tone but military style 5 days per week with 2 days off inbetween , my diet is not the usual protein etc but eggs vegtables and natural whole foods with cold water from sink, I am partial to the odd coffee or beer now and then but look after yourself and you will achieve much and more, I only like your videos because they are achievable with care and attention in all aspects of manhood lol

  4. You also most importantly need to warm up your body and get your heart rate to feeling pumped? With basic sit ups, press ups, and cycling, or a jog, before exercising with any gym equipment, if your not looking for bulk body mass, or just want a toned body no matter what age you are then warm up with the basics first, why? Because the body parts your training without a basic warm up will fatigue and cause injury during and after time.

  5. Why are models obsessed with hangar shoulders? Fine with women, they’re meant to have elegant shoulders, but the guys purposely leaving out traps because they think it makes their shoulders straighter just end up looking weaker, less intimidating – thus effeminate and less sexually attractive as a result.

  6. nice video bro 🙂 can you explain what to do when not reaching the 10 to 12 reps in one set? e.g. pullups: lets say i only can do 6 in a row. how to deal with the remaining ones? thanks

  7. This is great because most people don't show this, they try to make a video for each work out. I do a similar workout, i add reverse barbell curls because i'm trying to grow my forearms, dips/decline bench for lower chest, rows and face pulls to prevent rounded shoulders and target the back. Great stuff

  8. the thing is you dont have much muscle, only you are thin and most likely you dont eat nothing to maintain your fat levels at low thats why with any exercise you do, it looks good.

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