1. Hi Mpoony!!! Wow I’ve literally only discovered your channel and I’m living it! Especially the MarchMaddness! Also!!! Wow this video on working out from home and eating plan and incorporating baby into workout is awesome as I’m also a 1st time mommy (baby Kabo is 10 months now 💓) so I really live watching mommies who whom I can relate to on multiple levels! But forgetting to mention how u adore Tekkies 😘. Thanks Mpoomy for the Dope content!! Big ups to you mommy 💜

  2. Great Content 😍 sooo new and refreshing… I love it, will definitely do the Excercises ..pity I don't live in Joburg.. would attend the classes 😣..but all thanks to Mpoomy for the channel now we get sneak peek of what's going on in those classes with Tekkies

  3. Bounce back is for kangaroos 🦘 and cricket balls 🏏…as a new Mum you’ve just brought a whole new creation to this world, be kind to yourself, and the body will eventually get itself right👶🏽

  4. Thank you ladies, i really need to work out because my belly yoooooo…. I always try to work out but got tired fast and i think is because i am lazy so you are inspiring me ladies

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